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30 Original Quotes For Personal Productivity

30 Original Quotes For Personal Productivity. wellbeing toolkits

When I feel low in motivation, I usually look for quotes to give me inspiration, motivation, and information in short sentences.

The alternative will be reading or listening to a book or a talk but it’s time consuming and it’s not guaranteed that the book or the video will do the job.

Importance of quotes

Here are 10 reasons why quotes are important and how they are benefiting you and your wellbeing

1- It’s a condensed knowledge in few words

You read a line or two that carries the meaning explained in pages. It’s brilliant isn’t it?

This makes it easier and faster to read a quote rather than reading the whole paragraph or listening to the whole video that the quote was derived from.

With that being said, a quote can only provide you with the message, but reading that chapter or listening to that video can provide you with other messages the quote didn’t include.

2- They serve as a reminder

Quotes are like the flash cards you create when studying. You write few sentences that remind you of the topic you studied.

Quotes are the same for the self-development area. You read few words or lines that remind you of the material you’ve read or watched

3- They simplify the point even if complicated

I use this in coaching, specially for the communication skills related sessions when the problem for the other person is not being able to explain his or her points to the manager or a team member or a friend.

I tell them to create a quote that summaries the presentation or the feedback they want to share.

This is more powerful if associated with relevant pictures, not any pictures.

4- They activate your mind

By the reading activity itself or by decrypting the message that was condensed in few words or lines.

5- You can take them anywhere

They are only few lines or words so you can put them as a background for your laptop or mobile. You can print them for your office. You can write them in a piece of paper and take it in your wallet.

They can be with you all along.

6- They can be shared easily

It’s easier to share few lines to a friend who needs to hear that message rather than sharing the whole book or seminar behind that quote.

7- They can be your mentor when you’re down

When I feel down, one of the tools I use is to look for a quote that talks about the problem I have.

If it’s a work related, I look for work quotes. If it’s productivity related, I look for productivity ones. If it’s happiness related, I look for happiness ones and so on and so forth.

8- They can be used as Mantra

Having a mantra, a statement that is repeated, is a powerful tool that can be used to lift you up and boost your confidence or courage to do something.

It’s things like “ I can do it” or “I am confident” or “I am faster”, etc.

Quotes can serve the same purpose, specially if they are short.

9- They drive you to take action

Since quotes send a deep message and well written, they boost the likelihood factor for us to take action on something.

That’s why they’re used in presentations or speaking openings to boost engagement and attraction for example.

10- They can be used in coaching

In coaching, it’s all about helping the coachee coming up with solutions or ideas or explanations himself.

That’s why as a coach I use questions, pauses, games, and quotes to ignite the thinking of the other person. I say a quote and I pause to listen to the coachee’s comment.

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Why productivity quotes

Productivity is one of the main mental wellbeing toolkits besides learning, mindset, and stress management, that you need to use to improve your mental wellbeing.

As a productivity trainer, I advise anyone to be equipped with this tool as it is the corner stone habit for any other habits you want to build.

Understanding what productivity really means, building the right habits, and having the right tools, all help in managing time and organize life better.

When you are able to manage your time, you’ll be able to add any big project you want like exercising, or starting a business, etc.

You’ll also be able to monitor and track progress on simple daily or weekly habits that you want to build, like brushing teeth, or regulating your sleep, or reading, etc.

Below are 30 original productivity quotes that I created as a result of the productivity training and coaching sessions I gave.

I hope it provides the help and support you need. Enjoy.

1. Before you start you need to understand why.

2. Before you work, think of your future self, and give it a reason to continue.

3. Being productive, improves your wellbeing and life mentally, physically, financially, and socially.

4. Change is a constant in life, and flexibility is the tool to cope with it.

5. Collecting information without processing them, is like buying food and not eating it.

6. Doing everything takes everything and gives you nothing. Doing the right things gives you something.

7. Doing is going to change your plan, so make it the bigger piece of it.

8. Doing the latest and loudest is being busy. Doing the right thing the right time is being productive.

9. How, what, when, where are all useless without knowing the Why first.

10. If unprocessed information you collected has a smell, it will be like the rotten food you bought and didn’t eat.

11. Plan less, and do more.

12. Productivity is a tool to live a better, happier, and more relaxed life.

13. Productivity is about priority; you can’t be productive without knowing your priorities first.

14. Organize your mind and it will organize your life. Organize your life and it will relax your mind.

15. Productivity is doing what you need, when you need it, where you need it, and feel good about it.

16. Productivity is like a tree, it needs to be planted in the right mindset, exposed to the right tools, and watered with practice.

17. Productivity is the mastery of time management, effective thinking, prioritization, and decision taking.

18. Productivity path is long, so always choose the right companions, purpose, focus, energy, and action.

19. Productivity starts with why.

20. The more you achieve, the more energized you’ll be to achieve MORE.

21. There are many ways to do something, and all start with doing.

22. There is always more to do than you can actually do, so be smart and choose the things that matter the most.

23. To be productive, you need to be efficient with the tools you use and be effective with the persons you deal with.

24. Tools are meant to make our lives easier and smoother, so choose the tools that deliver that to your productivity.

25. We all are productive, but what separates the successful, happier, and healthier ones, is what they are productive at.

26. Why, is the vitality of productivity.

27. With productivity tools, less is more.

28. You have a limited credit of energy, focus, and time in your productivity bank account. So, withdraw wisely.

29. You’re a human being, so Productivity is a habit to build over time, not a program to install instantly.

30. Your worst critic is yourself; it works when you think too much, and it shuts down when you begin your story.

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