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Productivity Training

Productivity Training


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Building Your System and Following Up

16 Sessions

60-75 Minutes

16 Weeks

Agenda: Basic + Premium

Email Support


Best if you want to Build your system and have follow ups to deeply install the Habit



Building Your System

8 Sessions

60-75 Minutes

8 Weeks

Agenda: Structured

Email Support


Best if you want to Build your whole system




Solving Your Problem

1 Session

60 Minutes

1 Day

Agenda: Random

No Email Support


Best if Short on Budget or Need specific Advise

Frequently Asked Questions

Productivity in my opinion is the basic habit you want to build to achieve anything you want in life. It’s 3rd in place of the things you need to have to upgrade your life, after identifying the need and embracing an explorer mindset.

It’s basically me training you on being productive as a whole person to manage your life as a whole; personally and professionally, not one without the other.

1- I’ll touch base on your needs so will ask and listen to understand your pain pointsw

2- I’ll provide you with my feedback; what to keep, improve, and focus  on

3- I’ll share my “Productivity Moving Manual” briefing you on 6 stages

4- Agree on the plan moving forward

5- Each session will contain a standup to reflect on what’s done, covering current topic, and practicing live and so on till the end of the “move”

This is my project to help you move out from your current position to a better one. So we’ll choose houses, pack, unpack, etc

The “Productivity Moving Manual” includes typically 6 sessions with 60-90 minutes long. Sessions could be shorter or longer according to your energy, understanding, and application, and The ultimate goal is to help you “move out” successfully.

Your commitment, studying, and application

Coming Soon as an E-Book for your eternal use and reference then it’ll be a course.

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