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Productivity Executive


16 sessions to teach you my “Productivity Moving Manual” & Follow Up on You

It’s good if You want to build your system fro scratch & Maintain it.

Duration : 60-75 MIN


This the Executive bundle of the Productivity Training.

It’s a 16 sessions deal in which you’ll be trained and supported to have your productivity system up and running in 8 sessions of them, and you’ll be followed up with 8 coaching sessions to check that you’re still on track

The agenda of the sessions will be determined by ME since I have the structure for my “Productivity Moving Manual”. Then it’ll be followed by random ones depending on the topic you’d like to discuss in the follow up coaching sessions.

You’ll learn in the Productivity Moving Manual:

  1. Why you need to be productive
  2. How to make sure you’re having all the information you need and not missing anything
  3. How to analyze your stuff and extract next actions, projects, checklists, etc
  4. How to organize your system in a way that suits your personality, and skills
  5. How to choose what to do on a moment to moment basis
  6. How to manage your time effectively including managing people around you
  7. How to make sure your system is up to date always
  8. What tools you need, how to choose them, and how to use them

It’s good if You want to build your system fro scratch and to have a follow up coaching long enough to make sure your system, habits, and tools are under cruise control

Sessions are 60-75 minutes long virtual session per week using zoom or other platforms as applicable

You’ll have my email support in between sessions to answer any question you may have. You’ll get my response typically within 24-72 hours (weekends not included)

If you’re ready Let’s Do it!


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