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Impact Of Physical Wellbeing On Other Wellbeing Dimensions

Impact Of Physical Wellbeing On Other Wellbeing Dimensions

Just like your body, any problem with one limb, the whole body gets affected.

Physical WellBeing is one part of your overall WellBeing and that’s why it has an impact on the other 5 WellBeing dimensions. Some of these relations are stronger than the others, but in the end, physical wellbeing is connected to all of them.

Let’s find out the relation between Physical wellbeing and the other wellbeing dimensions

Physical and Mental WellBeing

Physical On Mental

The below is extracted from “5 Mental WellBeing relations” article.

  • The healthier you are (physical), the more likely you’ll embrace the right mindset.
  • The healthier you are (physical), the more productive you are (mental), as you can prioritize better, focus more, and do more.
  • The healthier you are (physical), the more immune you are to developing (mental) diseases like stress or depression.
  • The healthier you are (physical), the better your mind is when learning and memorizing (mental)
  • Research has shown that physical activity can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety and help prevent mental health problems. While higher intensity exercise has been shown to be particularly helpful, recent research has suggested that even low intensity activity, performed regularly, can be beneficial for your mental health.
  • Studies have demonstrated a causal relationship between good mental wellbeing and a regular consumption of a healthy diet – in particular eating the recommended amount of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mental On Physical

  • Having the right mindset (mental), will strengthen your persistence to continue with your health projects (physical) when you fall off your habits for a while
  • If you’re being productive (mental), then you’ll be able to manage the health-related projects you need (physical), instead of complaining about “not have enough time”
  • Stress (mental) impact your health (physical) indirectly by leading to overeating or eating less or oversleeping or sleeping less. Or it can be directly by causing diseases like ulcers, and heart attacks
  • The more you learn and apply (mental), the more likely you’ll be choosing and applying the right strategies when it comes to taking care of your health (physical)
  • O’Neil et al. (2014) conducted a systematic review that showed a relation between having an unhealthy diet (including high levels of saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and processed food) and having poorer mental health.

Physical and Financial WellBeing

Physical On Financial

  • The healthier you are the less money you spend on treatment and medications
  • The healthier you are, the better you’ll work and the more you’ll gain
  • The healthier you are, the more you are able to work compared to others who aren’t as healthy or fit as you, and the more chances you’ll have to upgrade your career or work.

Financial On Physical

A 2015 survey conducted by one of the largest banks in the US, revealed that 81% of respondents found other goals much easier to achieve when their finances were in order, whilst 70% stated that good financial health had a positive impact on their physical health.

  • The better finance you have, the healthier lifestyle you can adopt
  • Adequate amount of healthy food which is usually more expensive than non-healthy ones.
  • Better chances of going to a fine gym or having a private fitness coach for your needs
  • You can afford buying adequate ergonomic accessories for your workstation, or your car, or your home furniture to maintain your posture right at all times

Physical and Emotional WellBeing

Physical on Emotional

  • The healthier you are, the more confidence and better self-image you’ll have which translates into happiness
  • Shared physical activities (one of the Physical wellbeing tools) can give you a sense of belonging and companionship to overcome loneliness

Emotional On Physical

  • The happier you are, the more likely you’ll choose the right food to eat, or to exercise, and the better sleep you’ll have

Physical and Social WellBeing

Physical On Social

  • The healthier you are, the more confident you are, the better you’ll socialize with others
  • Just like with emotional, shared physical activities (one of the Physical wellbeing tools) can be a chance of socializing and meeting other people or strengthen an existing relation you have already.

Social On Physical

There is no direct relation between Social and Physical WellBeing, in my opinion, except that if you have more and strong connections with people then you have better chances of seeking physical help from others when needed to your health and fitness.

Physical and Spiritual WellBeing

Physical On Spiritual

  • The healthier you are the more like you’ll be able to fulfill your life’s purpose, achieve your goals and become a winner in life

Spiritual On Physical

Like social, I think the only effect your Spiritual WellBeing has over your Physical WellBeing is that it gives you a reason why to maintain it and improve it or it can be one of your life’s goals.

Next Actions You Can Do

The informing part is done, let’s get to the transforming part

Next Actions you can do today to begin your physical wellbeing improvement is as follows:

1- Identify Your Level

Before you can begin your journey, you need to know where you are right now, and for that you can use the general assessment question mentioned before to identify your current level:

On a scale from 0-10, 0 being low, and 10 being highest, how would you rank your physical wellbeing today?

2- Create a Goal

Perfect!! Your current level is identified, and now you have to set a destination for your journey.

Your current level could be 7 and the level you want to aim for is 8. If this is the case then you can create the following goal


Improving my overall physical wellbeing to 8 by 2021.

So head over to your goals list in your system and add a goal for your physical wellbeing

3- Create Projects

For each goal to happen you need one or more projects. So now it’s time for you to plan how will you achieve your goal above, and what are the projects needed for you to achieve that goal

Examples may include:

  • Decrease waist circumference by 5 cm within 3 months
  • Increase water consumption to 7 cups a day
  • Maintaining 3-5 times exercise each week

4- Next Actions

Amazing job so far! Now you have your goal, and projects. Next is to drill further down to the simple actions that you can start acting on now.


  • @Phone: Call the gym to ask about membership prices or times
  • @Laptop: Take the sleeping quiz
  • @Laptop: Buy a cheap work out program
  • @Home: Read Atomic Habits book
  • @Errands: Buy a waist circumference tape
  • @Errands: Buy 2 dumbbells
  • @Phone: Call my nutritionist to book an appointment
  • @Errands: Do an In-body measurement to check fat%
  • @Laptop: Search for online Body Mass Index calculator


Couple of resources that you can use are:

1- The WellBeing Coaching

We can interact with each other 1 on 1 using the WellBeing Coaching, and come up with a specific plan just for you and tack it down till its completion

2- The WellBeing Toolkits Community

You can join the WellBeing Toolkits Community to ask questions, seek support from myself and others, or give support to myself and others.

3- Recommended Books

Check these 5 Physical WellBeing Books For Your Health and Fitness


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