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WellBeing Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching helps you unlock your true potential and discover the tools hidden within you. We all have the needed skills, and tools, and what we need most of the time is someone help us search for them, and for the remaining time, develop them.

Coaching is helping you unlock your true potential and discover the hidden tools within.

Coaching is about YOU unlocking your true potential and discovering the tools within, and so the session is always centered around you with the coach asking you questions, and listening carefully to what you’re saying.

Coaching is about listening to your needs, understanding your true situation, and helping you planning your way. Sometimes, the coach gives advise based on experience to support your decision making.

The Coach:

Provide a safe environment for you to open up and talk freely, Asking questions, Listening actively, Understanding the real situation, and provide advise if needed.


Be there, willing to open up (it’s a safe environment), and commit to take full responsibility to improve. The coach’s main responsibility is supporting you.

Typically if you’re struggling with improving any skill or area of your life.

Examples; relationships, communications, productivity, career, sleep, marriage parenting, finance, anger, balance, etc

1- During the session there’s a high chance that you’ll discover something about you that you didn’t know before, or even see your problem from a new angle, or understand the other person’s opinion, or finding solutions for the topic at hand.

2- You’ll come up with a plan, with the support of the coach, that you can commit to and apply.

3- The ability of knowing that there’s someone out there that you can refer to for listening, understanding and support

Coaching remains a controversial topic on how it’s best performed, and each specialty mentioned above sees it differently. And generally speaking:

Mentoring: giving advise usually about a topic the mentor is experienced in. Like mentoring someone in finance or web developing, etc

Counseling: solving also a specific problem that requires being specialized in that area. So it requires understanding and investigating the problem first before giving the solution.

Therapy: Just like counseling but medically related. In another way, all therapists are counselors but not the other way around

Coaching: Listening, understanding any problem at hand and support you coming up with the right way forward. No giving advise here, and no specific experience is required since it’s you who will come up with everything. The coach’s responsibility is asking you good questions for you to reflect on.

My approach is that a coaching requires all those different hats. Most of the time as a coach I listen, understand the problem, and sometimes I provide advise in the right time, and sometimes I advise options to follow from my perspective so that you can have the ones you came up with and mine to see the big picture.

With that being said, coaching is not for medical related topics, and in my case I can do it still since I’m a physician, specialzed in Occupational Medicine, so if it came down to it, I’ll be able to support or even advise where to go next medically.

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