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The Why, How, and What


My Purpose in life is to Empower you and others to have an INTEGRATED and UPGRADED life, and ACHIEVING what you want by having all the tools you need

The How


I do this by providing you with all the tools that you need, covering all WELLBEING dimensions; Mentally, Physically, Financially, Socially, Spiritually, and Emotionally.

By doing that, I am making sure that your life is integrated and being treated as a whole instead of focusing on pieces and ignoring others.

The What

1-  I am an OCCUPATIONAL PHYSICIAN with a history of working in multinational companies, so:

  • I know about Work Related Hazards and how to protect yourself from it
  • I’m well aware of workplace stress and how to cope with it
  • I know about Health, and how to Enhance it
  • I know about Safety, and why it is important to know and apply
  • I’m well aware of the work load and how to handle it
  • I know about Career and how to build it
  • I know about team work and how to improve it
  • I know about the “unplanned future” of being fired or let go for any reason, and how to prepare for it

2- I am a WellBeing COACH so:

  • I’m equipped to Empower and Transform, not just to Inform
  • I know how to Listen, Understand, and Ask
  • I know the importance of working on All of the WellBeing dimensions
  • I know why it’s important that you be Accountable for any change you want


  • I know how to Teach you to Be Productive to Achieve Anything
  • I can Build your integrated and working system to manage your life as a whole, personally and professionally
  • I can Give you the tools you need to get going
  • I can Teach you how to manage your Time, Tasks, and People

4- I am a Conscious PARENT so:

  • I’m aware of the personal responsibilities you may have as a parent and how to handle them
  • I know how to Talk to Kids so that they will Listen, and Listen to them so that they can Talk to you
  • I know how to Engage with your children for a better relation
  • I know about the “need” to Improve your finance for Better Life
  • I know about having multiple tasks aside from your work ones, and how to manage both

5- I am an Entrapeneur so:

  • I’m aware of ways to Create side income
  • I can Help you Start Your Own Side Income(s) Fast
  • I can Help you Start your Youtube Channel or Blog Immediately