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Being able to identify Maturity in the other persons is crusial for so many reasons.

It helps you make sure you choose:

the right partner for your company

The right spouse for your marriage

The right friend in your life

The right parent to have children with

And the right mentor to have advice from

Below  is what I believe the criteria of a Mature Person, and since we’re talking about a human being, just keep in mind that it’s done “as much as possible” not “Always”.

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Genre: Psychology

Wellbeing Dimension: Emotional Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing


1- Has his own Values and Rules to live by

2- Thinks before he acts

3- Thinks based on facts, reality, experience, and instinct

4- Acts based on his decision not others

5- Cares for himself; healthy and emotionally

6- Able to control his emotions

7- Cares about others emotions and feelings

8- Able to prioritize decisions in life

9- Has a purpose in life

10- Able to express himself clearly to others

11- Supportive when needed

12- Ask for support when he needs (vulnerable)

13- Keep his commitments

14- Realizes that achievement doesn’t happen over night

15- Patient with himself and others

16- Problem solver

17- Optimistic yet Realistic

18- Flexible and Open minded to different ideas

19- Thinks highly of himself AND not on the expense of others

20- Thinks Win-Win with others

21- Knows that learning is a ongoing process

22- Owns his mistakes

23- Honest while being respectful.

24- Apologizes meaningfully

25- Forgiving to others mistakes

26- Respectful of others needs and opinions


I hope you can see why I highlighted that you keep in mind while reading that the above criteria is on a “as much as possible” basis not on a “always” one..

Because otherwise we’ll be talking about a myth not a person 😀

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